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For advertising and enquiries of any kind, just drop me a line at agnes.lin@yahoo.com.sg or agnes@incite.sg


7 thoughts on “…Get in touch with me

  1. Hi,gal..;)I’m catherine,may I know how much does it cost for yr eye surgery in Korea? Thanks ya! Kinda headache having single eye lids.;)

  2. Hi There,

    Thank you for sharing your surgery experience. It is very helpful. Love your result.

    I’m interested in going to Korea in 2 months for surgery (nose and eyes) and I’m considering JW clinic. What do you recommend? I’ve read reviews on a handful of clinics (Wonjin, BK, ID, ITEM and JW). It’s overwhelming and difficult to choose the best one.

    I would appreciate your feed back and time. Thank you.


  3. Hi, I saw your post re: double eyelid surgery done in Korea, JW clinic.
    I would love to know more about the procedure, the price and the result.
    Do you mind to,share?
    Hope to hear from,you,soon.

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