Plastic Surgery in Korea – Sep01-09

It was been 5 weeks since my surgery. Everything is good. Still feeling numb on my nose tip.

The doc had advised that the complete healing would take approx. 2 months. I have not gone for running (my workout routine) yet. 😦 No vigorous exercise for 3-4 weeks. Light walking is fine. I should be able to run in another week’s time.

If you are considering a nose job, here’s my advice.

  1. Research online and find out more on the clinics you intend to go for the surgery. Take references from bloggers, forums, recommendations, testimonials. It is important to choose a reputable doctor who has received good reviews from their clients.
  2. Write in to the clinic to find out on the estimated cost for the surgery fee, accommodation and transport (if they can assist to arrange), clinic location, preparation measures before the surgery, healing duration etc.
  3. And yes! Pay in cash so you can bargain for some discount (no additional transactional charge for credit cards). They mostly accept Korean Won and USD.
  4. It’s best to get someone to accompany you. You will feel week and nauseous straight after the surgery. At least someone can escort you back to the hotel.
  5. Bring along cleansing wipes, cotton buds and mask. You won’t be able to wash your face for 7 days. I brought Bifesta cleansing wipes (Normal to Dry skin). The wipe kept my skin cleansed and moisturised. I couldn’t use my toner, moisturiser, serum during the 7 days. Also, bring along anti-bacterial wet wipes. After surgery, there will be slight bleeding and drainage of mucus and old blood. I used the Dettol wet wipes to clean rather than tissue papers. You will need the cotton buds to apply the medicated gel on your stitches.  Lastly, if you are going out for shopping, always wear a mask. You won’t want to catch an infection as the wound is raw. In fact, I stayed indoors for almost 4 days before heading out on the streets.


To further decrease the chances of bleeding and swelling, the doctor will ask that you follow these precautions for several weeks after surgery:

  • Avoid strenuous activities such as aerobics and jogging.
  • Take plenty of rest
  • Keep head up as much as possible after your surgery. Keep two pillows under your head when sleeping (lying down)
  • Take baths instead of showers while you have bandages on your nose.
  • Don’t blow your nose.
  • Eat high-fiber foods, such as fruits and vegetables, to avoid constipation. No spicy foods! It will cause runny nose and some discomfort. Take light, soft food, soups, nothing hard to chew or bite.
  • Avoid extreme facial expressions, such as smiling or laughing.
  • Brush your teeth gently to limit movement of your upper lip.
  • Don’t rest eyeglasses or sunglasses on your nose for at least four weeks after the surgery, to prevent pressure on your nose.
  • Use SPF 30 sunscreen when you’re outside, especially on your nose. Too much sun may cause permanent irregular discoloration in the skin of your nose.

In fact I was told that most of the swelling will be gone at a year. I find my nose still alittle swollen.


This is me before my surgery. I dislike my fat, round nose.


1 day after my surgery (2nd day). My face and nose were swollen. I know it looked scary right. The clinic gave me cooling eye pad to reduce the swelling and discomfort.


3rd day! Time to visit the clinic. The nurse helped to change the nasal dressing and cleanse the stitches. Slight improvements on the swelling. And finally I can wash my hair! I advise you to go salon for hair wash. The salon staff are very nice and professional. They will wash your hair gently and avoid getting your nose bandage wet.

Important: No washing of hair after your surgery. Take baths only.

*Wash your hair before your surgery. Thank god it wasn’t hot and humid in Seoul. If you are deciding the month to go for any surgery in Seoul, between Sep – Mar is good.


6th day!  The splints placed inside my nose and bandage is removed!


Before Surgery Photo Vs Post-Surgery 6th Day

If you have any questions pertaining to rhinoplasty, do drop me a comment or email. I will try my best to provide some advice based on my experience. 🙂

I will talk more about fat grafting for my next entry. xoxo


I am loving my new look now!  (Post-surgery 5 weeks)

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10 thoughts on “Plastic Surgery in Korea – Sep01-09

  1. Hi Agnes,

    Can I know what did you do for your rhino? Open method surgery with esr cartilage? How much you paid for the rhinoplasty? You look great!

    • Hi Vianice,

      Yes, it is an open rhinoplasty. My nostrils were reduced too. USD4,500 (includes fat grafting surgery).

      Thank you! Let me know if you are keen. I will refer you to the clinic. 🙂

      • Hi mizu buny,

        Some how some angle I can’t really see your new nose bridge. Will u be posting more pictures on b4 n after? Can u c ur own silicone obviously? I am afraid to travel alone there. Which hotel u stay? Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Vianice, I will be posting an entry tomorrow on chin filler. Will post more of my previous and recent photos so you can see the difference. I will be going to the plastic surgery clinic again in feb14 for 2nd session of fat grafting and eye surgery. If you are keen, we can go together. 🙂

    • Hi Agnes,

      Have you booked ur ticket? Any friends will be joining u? Can you email me ur hp contact so that we can discuss further? Thanks!

  3. Hi dear, I’m planning to do Rhinoplasty and Tip Nasal Surgery at Jw. Roughly how much is it ? Do they proxide hospitalisation stay since I’m going alone in April 2015

    And any discount if I quote your name to JW? (:


  4. Hi dear, I’m planning to do Rhinoplasty and Tip Nasal Surgery at Jw. Roughly how much is it ? Do they proxide hospitalisation stay since I’m going alone in April 2015

    And discount if I quote your name to JW? (:

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