Pretty New Chin! in 2014

Sorry for not updating my blog since last Sep… 😦

I finally went for chin filler! I always wanted to achieve a V-face like Sonia Sui.

sonia sui 2014_01

So pretty rite? 🙂

Thanks to Agri‘s recommendation! I had my filler injection at Astique Clinic last November. And I met Dr Matthew Yap. In fact I had heard many good reviews about his services from my friends and acquaintances. His staff is equally friendly and helpful as him.

I am particularly scared of needles. That’s the main reason why I opted for plastic surgery after 4 sessions of nose filler since 2012. Thinking back that I had to endure the needles’ experience…

Oh well this time, i finally plucked my courage again for the chin filler out of vanity. 😛 I had a short chin and relatively round face at certain photography angle.. Therefore I am very conscious about it. I do not want to look puffy.

During the consultation, I was thankful that Dr Yap was very attentive and had furnished a fair bit of info such as the various filler brands available, their USPs. For instance, Radiesse which is commonly known is more long-lasting (the results last 12- 18 months). Juvederm is long lasting too (approx. 12 months). The good thing about Juvederm is that it is reversible meaning if you do not like the achieved look, the injectable gel is removable to restore your original look. As I am not certain about the outcome, I opt for Juvederm this time.


It is important that if you are unsure, always ASK. My best advice for all who are considering aesthetics or any form of plastic surgery.

Photo taken before the treatment. Rest assured they will apply numbing cream on the areas (in this case, it’s my chin)

before chin fillerIMG_8853

The Painless Procedure:)


My Before (Top) & After ( Bottom) Photos – Post Day 1


I LOVE my new chin now! Makes me beautiful! haha

My Recent Photos aka #selfie! I am so ready for CNY. Do follow me on Instagram @mizubunnie . 🙂



IMG_9987 IMG_0040

Do you like my V difference? 😀

I will be going back to Astique for post review and consultation on botox jaw reduction. 😛 Do follow my blog for aesthetics and plastic surgery updates.

Here’s Astique Clinic contact details


Address: 350 Orchard Road Shaw House #08-00, Singapore, Singapore

Tel: +65 6732 3801 , 24hr SMS +65 9857 7892

Like Astique Clinic on Facebook:


Here’s a blogger who has done chin fillers at Astique Clinic:

P.S: I did not photo shop my photos.


2 thoughts on “Pretty New Chin! in 2014

  1. Hi, I don’t want to leave a mean comment but I just wanted to share a different experience. I had done a lot of research on Dr Yap but was left disappointed by the experience. To cut to the chase – unless you are a blogger or a tai tai with a lot of time, you might not get the experience which you read about on the internet.

    I took leave and booked the first appointment of the day. Even then, I was made to wait 1.5 hours without an explanation (what a waste of leave). When I enquired about the delay, his staff tried to ask me if I wanted to see the other doctor instead…

    When I finally did get to see him, he apologies for the wait but gave no explanation for the delay. The actually consultation was frustrating for me because I felt that he answered my questions rather than suggesting procedures. I understand that some people might like that but I felt unsatisfied because I am not a doctor, and so would not know what to ask. In the end, I felt like the whole consultation was a waste of time/ money (I could have gotten all the info off the internet) and end up signing up for a package of a treatment I didn’t even come for because I didn’t want to waste the date and consultation fee.

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