Post-Surgery Day 7

Hi everyone, today is day 7 after my surgery. The bruises around my eyes are gradually disappearing and less swelling compared to day 1. I had received comments that it looked painful. Honestly there was no pain at all during and after surgery. I am happy that the surgery went smoothly. My eyes and face is healing well. I am really thankful to JW and their staff especially Emily. Thank you for your patience and care.

The weather here in Seoul is cold and i reckon this is the best time to come Korea for plastic surgery procedures. There is no/ less discomfort and swelling subsides faster. No wonder, the clinic was so packed with patients almost daily.


My selfie today. The bruises and swelling has subsided quite a fair bit. Thank god!

For those who are considering plastic surgery, there is a list of do’s and don’ts before surgery for your info.

  1. Don’t take aspirin or any kind of aspirin alternatives at least 2 weeks before surgery. Consult doc if you are unsure.
  2. Don’t smoke for 2 weeks before any surgery
  3. Inform the clinic if you have cold symptoms, infection, cough or phlegm within 1 week before surgery
  4. Remove nail polish before surgery
  5. Fasting guidelines before surgery:
  • General anesthesia: fast from am 0:00 on the surgery day (No food & water)
  • Sleeping anesthesia: fast 4 hours before surgery (No food & water)
  • Regional anethesia: simple meal

Post-Surgery Care (Eye Surgery)

  1. Don’t lie in bed during daytime without applying an ice/ hot pack. Do walk around as usual, it is good for reducing swelling. Too much lying in bed may increase swelling.
  2. Use an ice pack for 2-3 days after surgery, apply around eyes. A hot pack is not mandatory, but helps to reduce bruises faster; apply for 3 days after surgery on the areas
  3. Take meals regularly. For me, i avoid seafood.
  4. Avoid smoking or drinking alcohol for 1 month
  5. No swimming and strenuous activities for at least 1.5 – 2 mths after surgery
  6. Avoid massage, strong friction around or on the facial area for 1 month. Don’t rub your eyes and do nor go to spa/ sauna for 1 month too.
  7. Face cleansing is possible on 2nd day after removal of stitches. It is also safe to put on eye make-up from 4th day after the stitches are removed.

My Photo Journal in Seoul starts here!

selfie before surgery

Took a selfie at Hong Kong Airport before boarding flight to Seoul, Incheon airport


Me and 2 pretty babes, Agri and Reiee were busy taking selfies outside the clinic. hahaha 😛

Read their blogs to find out the procedures they did at JW Plastic Surgery Clinic


At JW Plastic Surgery Clinic!


Feeling excited! OMG! Finally i plucked my courage again to do double eyelid surgery. I hope this time will be the last.


Filling in the forms on our medical history (if any), and the procedures we want to do.


Consultation with Dr Seul for the fat grafting on face. This is my 2nd time doing fat grafting. Fat grafting usually requires 2 sessions for a long lasting result. He recommended to inject the fats on my forehead, cheeks and laugh lines to create a fuller and youthful look. 

consultation -eye1consultation - eye

And we met the charming Dr Choi who didn’t fail to make us laugh with his witty personality. He specialises in eye surgery. You can read more about the docs info at the bottom. During the consultation, i showed him Park Sora’s photo as a reference. I wanted bigger eyes like hers.:P He advised the double eyelid height and the procedures I would be going through. He conversed in English so it’s easy to communicate your thoughts to him. I am glad he recommended me to do incisional which creates much natural and long lasting result compared to non-incisional. But of course, the downtime for recovery is longer.

Here you go in case you don’t know who is Park Sora!!! Stylenanda Model



Right before the surgery: Dr Seul drew lines on my face indicating the areas which he would be injecting fats on. I looked so funny in this photo. meoww~ lol


Post-surgery to be continued in my next post.

Last but not least, allow me introduce the doctors from JW Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea who did my surgeries.

1) M.D. Man Koon Suh
Plastic surgery specialist (Specialized in Rhinoplasty)
Completed graduate program from Yonsei University College of Medicine
The author of “Asian Rhinoplasty(2012)”

This is the captured screen of TV program “Beauty Gone Wrong” on MediaCorpCh5 Singapore. (12th of Feb. 2014)
The program info ;
He is director (owner) of JW Plastic Surgery Center
He is a very skilful and famous plastic surgeon in Asia specialising in Rhinoplasty.

2) M.D. Ph.D. Chul Hwan Seul
He is specialized in Mammoplasty, Breast Augmentation, Breast reconstruction, Breast lift, Facial bone contouring (Angle, Mandible, Jaw contouring), Facial Fat graft


3) M.D. Ph.D. Hong Lim Choi

He is specialized in Eye surgery like non-incisional Double eyelid, Incisional double eyelid, lower blepharoplasty and face lift, MACS lift.


They are the main doctors in JW Plastic Surgery Center.
And you can see their detailed profile on



15 thoughts on “Post-Surgery Day 7

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  4. Hello,
    First off I want to say that I think you were beautiful before the surgery and you are very beautiful now as well! I am going to Korea this summer and am planning on getting double eyelid surgery. I wanted to ask you how your personal recovery process went (how long it took for swelling to start decreasing, etc.). Also, I’m very curious about the fat grafting- is it painful? Lastly, I wanted to ask about your diet and exercise regime- you have a lovely figure. Thank you!

    • Hi April, thank you for your compliments. 🙂

      it took approx. a week or so for the swelling to subside. I tend to bruised easily, thus i had bruises around my eyes area. for me, it took almost 2 weeks for the bruises to completely disappear. Fat grafting is not painful at all. Don’t worry.

      I run once a week and take heavy breakfast every day. Dinner is the lightest meal. I tend to eat less carbo and more protein instead. Fruits and vegetables is my daily essential. Hope this helps. 🙂

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  6. Hi, you look great after ur surgery!

    May i ask which doctor did your nose and how much did u spend? Im interested in doing my nose too!

  7. I love your new eyes!! Very nice!!
    I’m actually hesitate for the epi surgery, I hv friends done it in Thailand left them with scars. and other friend done with a doctor from china, no scar but her inner corner with a little tiny of white spot.

    Do u facing any problem scars or side effect after epi done?

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