Headlines Hairdressing Salon

I always have a major issue with my hair

Firstly, its super thick, frizzy, spilt-endsdry & damaged from previous color and chemical treatment and daily use of straightener and curling iron..

I cannot resist not coloring my hair. Black hair makes me look dull.

Thanks to Jerry! He saved my hair and gave it a fresh coat of color!

If you like my hair color, you can let Jerry know. It’s wonderlight ash + mixture of blue. He concocted the color formulation. 🙂

Before Photo

photo 3

(photo after using glam palm styling iron.)


My usual hair without styling… 😦

photo 2

Color session at Headlines starts!

After Photo 😀


Love this hair color! makes me look so much fairer!

Having a beautiful hair color is not enough. You need smooth and soft texture too!

Have you heard of Mucota DYNA – Argan Oil Treatment?


This treatment helps to reduce frizzy hair, making hair straighter and smoother.

See the benefits below

  • Reduce frizzy hair
  • Prevent further hair damage
  • Make hair shinier
  • Prevent spilt ends
  • Last 6 months and above

Most imptly, it is 100% NO FORMALDEHYDE, unlike the anti-frizz treatment in the current market.

Dyna is suitable for people like me who has rebonded their hair before or have unruly and un-manageable hair. It is a 3-step treatment.

See how Mucota DYNA transform my hair!




photo 1IMG_1941



Follow Jerry Chua @J3R2Y on Instagram

Call Tel: +65 62233133 for appointment

For more information, visit the website http://www.headlines.com.sg

In fact, my hair texture gets better each day after the treatment. 🙂


Softer, smooth & manageable hair!!!!


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